Gotta Love High School

All they need is...
Brooke: The courage to try out for the cheerleading squad…the closest to gymnastics I can get. Plus a new best friend who’s a girl, no offense to Trevor. And more time near Brett – even if that means hanging out in math class.
Trevor: The opportunity to be on the basketball team. A chance with Sophia. And making friends with basketball star Brett wouldn’t hurt either.
Sophia: A new cheerleader – as squad captain, it’s my responsibility to find one. A real best friend who isn’t shallow. And maybe Trevor to protect me from that wannabe Daphne.
Brett: A new star for the basketball team – after me, obviously. More attention from Brooke – the perfect girl to distract me from my problems with ex-second-star Jackson.
But what is it that these Saffrondale High juniors really need to survive the jealousy, the hatred, and all the drama?
To meet one another.
Reading Level: 12 and up 
Paperback: 452 pages 
Published: 08-28-07
ISBN-13: 978-0-9798997-0-6
Dimensions: 6X9 inches

© 2013 Sara Samarasinghe