Wealthy Lola Selina has just been released into the world for the first time ever after being ensconced in a mansion for thirteen years. She is sent off to a boarding school called Dalaina, and here she has to face the cliques, enemies, and troubles of friendship. From the moment Lola embarks upon the airplane journeying to her new school, Lola knows that leaving home is a bad idea. She worries about making friends, and being freshly exposed to the real world's terrors. She instantly makes a best friend, Monique, and a fresh foe, Tiffany, who soon become a great element of her life.
Lola is easily contented with her new lifestyle, but soon an incident turns things around, and Tiffany and Monique's somewhat shady pasts are revealed. Once Lola came a long, the bond linking Tiffany and Monique was broken, but they become closer again, and Lola is left painfully alone, with tension reaching its pinnacle. However, Lola will learn how to live with the problems in life, and how she can improve their conditions. Things may change again for the worse, but can she adapt once again? Lola has yet to find out through a whirlwind of hidden wonders.
Reading Level: 8 and up 
Paperback: 335 pages 
Published: 09-11-07 (orig. 11-02-06)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9798997-2-0
Dimensions: 6X9 inches

© 2013 Sara Samarasinghe