Broken Angel

Angel’s life couldn’t be better. She made the cheerleading squad, plus she’s got the most fabulous friends and perfect parents.
But one evening, the phone rings, and everything changes.
Now she has to face life without her father while she and her mother spiral downwards. Angel finds her grief uncontrollable, and soon she can’t keep herself away from drugs and alcohol. It feels like none of her old friends can reawaken the old Angel. Even her new friend Brent can’t heal the emotional scars of loss.
Finally, a ray of hope shines through the clouds when Angel discovers meditation and how it could help her.
But can Angel find the perseverance to continue living? Or will she be forever caught in an eternity of tearful despair?
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Reading Level: 14 and up
Paperback: 242 pages 
Published: 03-13-09
ISBN-13: 978-0-9798997-3-7
Dimensions: 5.5X8.5 inches

© 2013 Sara Samarasinghe